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Song Of the Day – “U Remind Me” Usher

8 Jun

That’s right today’s song of the day comes all the way from ’01. Retro!! I love this song, but I think I enjoy the video even more. The best dance move in the world happens @ 2:42 of the video, right after the extended dance break. That little knee flip thing just kills me, then he spins and slides right into his Lambo. Usher’s the man.


Song of the Day – “Ambling Alp” Yeasayer

2 Jun

I saw Yeasayer last night (with Smith Westerns and Hush Hush) and those guys know how to put on a good show. They had crazy lights and we ziplock tight as a band. They also played a new live tune and performed a soca/reggaeton version of “Mondegreen”. It was all a great time and worth it if you have a chance to see them.  With out further adieu here’s today’s song.

EDIT: Here’s a review with some great pictures from last night.

EDIT: the official video thanks

Song of the Day – “Chinese High” Gang Gang Dance

31 May

Today’s jam comes from Gang Gang Dance. I first heard these guys at my friend’s house last weekend and I was really intrigued by their sound. The band is groove centric, with steady, rhythmic beats pushing the songs forward as the synths glisten and shimmer above. “Chinese High” is off their new album Eye Contact.  Check it out,  it’s well worth your time.