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Song Of The Day – “Weekend” Smith Westerns

11 Jul

And who doesn’t like a little care-free music? That’s to  the attitude the Smith Westerns have and put off in the video for their single “Weekend”. The video features The Omori brothers and guitarist Max Kakacek walking around what looks like a farm wielding axes and rifle, going to a mall, on what could be an off day for these tour dogs. They’re hitting the road with the Arctic Monkeys, see if they stop in your town.


New Album Release – “Unknown Mortal Orchestra”

21 Jun

Unknown Mortal Orchestra...in all their glory.

Earlier this month I posted the song “Thought Ballune” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This was one of a handful of songs released on their EP. It’s a good sample but I want the whole meal. Today we can rejoice because today UMO release their eponymous debut. These guys have a psychedelic, funk swirled sound that manages to sparkle even in the confines of it’s lo-fi recording. Definitely in the spirit of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Check out “Thought Ballune”  Then when you’re ready for more buy it on iTunes

Song of the Day – “Ambling Alp” Yeasayer

2 Jun

I saw Yeasayer last night (with Smith Westerns and Hush Hush) and those guys know how to put on a good show. They had crazy lights and we ziplock tight as a band. They also played a new live tune and performed a soca/reggaeton version of “Mondegreen”. It was all a great time and worth it if you have a chance to see them.  With out further adieu here’s today’s song.

EDIT: Here’s a review with some great pictures from last night.

EDIT: the official video thanks