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New Tune: Money by The Drums

13 Jul

Everyone’s favorite surf rock, 80s throwback outfit the Drums are releasing their second album Portamento due out in September. The single is titled “Money” and will get you clapping along in no time.

Unbeknownst to the public, the Drums have serious equilibrium problems.


Song Of The Day – “Bad Street” Twin Sister

10 Jun

Twin Sister and Andrea, high stepping them all.

I was soooo excited to see that my favorite Long Islanders,  Twin Sister released out a new song from their first full length album In Heaven. I first saw Twin Sister when they opened and stole the show from the Morning Borers. They have two EPs out already that are fantastic but too short!! This is an album oriented band, and I know they can do some great things on an LP. The new song “Bad Street” has the immediate Twin Sister charm, with it’s funky bass and relentless groove. Andrea Estella sort of sounds like Erykah Badu. Awesome. Enough talk just listen, and mark September 27 on your calendar!!

If you love the song  click here to download it for free.

Want more Twin Sis? of course you do. Check out their two EPs Color Your Life and Vampires and Dreaming Kids again for free on their site.

Song of the Day – “Chinese High” Gang Gang Dance

31 May

Today’s jam comes from Gang Gang Dance. I first heard these guys at my friend’s house last weekend and I was really intrigued by their sound. The band is groove centric, with steady, rhythmic beats pushing the songs forward as the synths glisten and shimmer above. “Chinese High” is off their new album Eye Contact.  Check it out,  it’s well worth your time.

Song of the Day – “Thought Ballune” Unknown Mortal Orchestra

29 May

Today’s song of the day comes from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. These guys have a cool psychedelic/60’s R&B sound that works its way into your ear. For an example check out “Thought Ballune” for their quirky and infectious style. I went to bed humming this song, and woke up the next morning, continuing where the melody left off. also follow them on twitter @UMO for some cool pics from the road. These guys are touring like crazy so check out their site to catch them in the flesh.

Album of the Weekend

7 Nov

I was going to write about the midterm elections and say something about the future of our country and how bleak life is. But even with the future looking rather grim, there’s one thing the United States can still be proud of. Our bad ass music. So  I’ll kick off a weekly series where every Weekend I’ll post an album that has been rubbing me the right way and I think others should check out. I think most mainstream music is too concerned with the single, and cracking the Billboard Hot 100 than actually making a cohesive collection of good songs with replay value. While everything heard on Clear Channel Nation FM falls into this “singles” criteria, there are many bands out right now putting out some very impressive albums. Hopefully I can unearth new fresh music, and that others can enjoy it as well.

Album of the Weekend.

Color Your Weekend. With Twin Sister

Color Your World by Twin Sister

I saw Twin Sister open for the Morning Benders a few weeks ago, and they impressed me so much that I downloaded their EP immediately after I returned home from the concert at 1am.  “The Other Side of Your Face” starts the album and gradually fades in with ambient noises and the sound of waves crashing on a beach. The song takes its time, building slowly before coming to a sleepy close and setting the cool laid back vibes which carry through the entire album. Not wasting anytime, the album continues with the enchanting “Lady Daydream” which shows singer Andrea Estella at her best. Andrea Estella’s voice is one of my favorite aspects of Twin Sister.  She has a mesmerizing delivery which sounds like she has a bubble stuck in her throat, and an affection for odd phrasing and over emphasizing vowels. When she sings the line “Even though I’m losing/doesn’t make me a loser…..yet” from “Lady Daydream” you can practically hear her winking. Her voice fits perfectly with the rest of the band as it floats between reverb submerged guitars and a gently plodding bass line. All the elements and lyrics create a dreamlike atmosphere, and creating vivid emotions with their sound is Twin Sister’s forte.

While my favorite song on Color Your World is “Phenomenons” I think musically speaking the best song is “Milk & Honey”. I took the song to be about the stress involved with relationships. Or more specifically demands from the other person. These situations are never fun and generally uneasy for either person involved. Musically, “Milk & Honey” follows these emotions exceedingly well. The song creates an unsettling environment from the start with Andrea eerily singing as an accordion drones in the background. Eventually the song breaks into a jangly guitar riff before settling into an off-kilter groove that persists for the remainder of the song, never seeming to resolve.

After the slightly gloomy outlook of “Milk & Honey” Twin Sister reveal their true muscle with the final two songs of the album, “All Around and Away We Go” and “Phenomenons”.  These two songs which are connected by the slightly superfluous “Galaxy Plateau”(This song is way to long for an EP and should’ve been chopped to a 2minutes or so),  show the band’s penchent for fun, bouncy and just plain cool tunes. What sets these songs apart from the others is that the keyboards  and electronics essentially provide the pulse for both of these songs. “Phenomenons” features some drum machine programming in addition to several different looped synth parts. These songs illustrate Twin Sister’s appreciation of  use of  space in music, becaus while the synths play a large role in both songs, they don’t clutter the sound. They lyrics also match the lighthearted nature of the music, as Andrea sings about good feelings generated by a loved one.

Color Your World is an impressive release from a band that is starting to really find its sound. I am excited to see what Twin Sister will do in the future. Aside from delivering a terrific EP these guys are amazingly fun live, and will have you dancing, or doing the hipster head-bob, by the end of their set. If you’re in the mood for some fun music you really need to check out this album. You can buy/listen to Color Your World here.