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Song Of The Day – “Teach Your Children Well” by Crosby, Stills and Nash

25 Jul

What strikes me most about this tune is how timeless its message is. There will always be friction between parents their children as they grow older. What makes sense to one generation is appalling to the next, and so on and so forth through time. My favorite line of the song is “Just look at them and sigh/ and know they love you” sage advice for all parents of the present and future. I’m quite familiar with this sigh. I think it comes naturally with Jewish parents.


Song Of The Day – “So Far Away” by Dire Straits

18 Jul

And for today’s morsel of music we have “So Far Away”. Dire Straits is one of my favorite bands from the late 1970s-1980s period, largely because of Mark Knopfler’s killer guitar work and lyrics. I always appreciate lyricists who have a wry style, and seem to be making fun of the listener and themselves at once. I love this live version with the extended solo.  Also note Knopfler’s totally bad ass head band and the absolutely tasteless hair-gel jobs of the other band members. Oh 80s…

Song Of The Day – “Weekend” Smith Westerns

11 Jul

And who doesn’t like a little care-free music? That’s to  the attitude the Smith Westerns have and put off in the video for their single “Weekend”. The video features The Omori brothers and guitarist Max Kakacek walking around what looks like a farm wielding axes and rifle, going to a mall, on what could be an off day for these tour dogs. They’re hitting the road with the Arctic Monkeys, see if they stop in your town.

Song Of The Day – “He Would Have Laughed” Deerhunter

8 Jul


Boulder is having some serious rain and thunderstorms these past few days. Therefore I have to be inside so I’m listening to music. Today’s song is from Deerhunter off their must listen album Halcyon Digest, seriously check it out. “He Would Have Laughed” closes out the album and was written about Jay Reatardt who died at a 29. The song has a dreamy, circular riff, and ebb and flow structure slowing building, and climbing. The absolute best part of the song is the ending, which pulls you out of the dream world and back to the silence of reality.

New Video: “In My Baby’s Arms” by Kurt Vile

6 Jul


Kurt Vile is quickly becoming my favorite artist of the year with his amazing album Halo For My Smoke Ring and his hilarious guitar lesson. Check out his new video for “Baby’s Arms” and then spend the rest of the day dreamin about a California lover.


Video: tune-yards in Barcelona

28 Jun

Merrill Garbus, giving the bizness

Here’s a cool video from Pitchfork TV of Merrill Garbus, the tune-yards front lady, playing “Wolly Wolly Gong” in front of a crazy looking church in Barcelona. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of football revelers, celebrating Barca’s Champions League victory and Merrill playing her lullaby dwarfed by the church. As she describes it “..like singing a lullaby at the end of the world.”

Check it out here.

Surfer Blood Cover Polaris

28 Jun

A Surfer Blood keyboard player hazing ritual.

The Florida band Surfer Blood have just released a cover of “Hey Sandy” by Polaris. The song is short, sweet and free! Check it out for download here.