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Election Day

2 Nov

Here we are on election day and it seems like Mr. Obama will suffer some losses in the senate and congress. I have just accepted this unfortunately as it maybe. However there is only one election related event that I am seriously excited for today. Proposition 19 in California which would legalize possession, cultivation and sale of cannabis for adults in the state. In the midst of a presidential term that was supposed to be all about change, what could be more fitting than the first state to end 73 years of Cannabis Prohibition in the United States. Opponents of this measure say it is not the time for a federal/state government clash and imagine a world where bongs will replace coffee mugs on teacher’s desks. Get fucking real.

What has 73 years of prohibition done for our country? Nothing good. In fact marijuana is the easiest illegal drug for teenagers to obtain in the United States. But don’t believe me read the report yourself. When we as a society choose not to regulate  marijuana, we let criminals decide how to control it for us. Drug dealers are not going to be checking a teenager’s ID before selling them a dime bag.

As for the growers who have come out against Prop 19 because they’re worried about losing profits. Get your collective heads out of your asses. This nation incarcerates almost 800,000 people a year for possession of marijuana. The only reason you growers have been making a nice living off growing a weed, is because of prohibition. Dealers can jack prices of marijuana,  up to $60 for 3.5 grams because they have to take a risk to sell this product to you. Think of it as a convenience fee like Ticketmaster charges. Prices of marijuana go up when police “crack down” on dealers because now there is even more risk placed upon them to sell. Watch Sanho Tree break down Prohibition economics.

Cannabis Prohibition has benefited two groups of people almost exclusively: those involved with the marijuana business i.e. dealers, growers, drug cartels, and the law enforcement business. The United States has more of its own citizens locked up than any other country in the world. Evil Iran is only in at #53 and the champion of human rights violations China is #116 but we’re #1!!! . Whooo. Wait, what?  I’m not making this up see the entire list for yourself. If you want to start making some bucks in this country the prison sector is hot.

New York City alone has arrested around 40,000 people a year since 1999 for possession of marjiuana which has been decriminalized in New York state since 1977. (much, much more to come on this later). What’s more of all the millions of pounds of evil marijuana destroyed by the DEA 98% is classified by the DEA as “ditchweed” aka feral hemp that will not get you stoned no matter how many joints you smoke. Our tax dollars are being squandered to the tune of roughly $2.6 billion a year trying to win the war on drugs. This is no longer acceptable.

It is my utmost hope that Prop 19 passes today and finally forces our elected officials in the state and the federal government to see that we the people no longer support a public policy that has been nothing short of a failure for the last 73 years.