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New Tune: Money by The Drums

13 Jul

Everyone’s favorite surf rock, 80s throwback outfit the Drums are releasing their second album Portamento due out in September. The single is titled “Money” and will get you clapping along in no time.

Unbeknownst to the public, the Drums have serious equilibrium problems.


Song Of The Day – “He Would Have Laughed” Deerhunter

8 Jul


Boulder is having some serious rain and thunderstorms these past few days. Therefore I have to be inside so I’m listening to music. Today’s song is from Deerhunter off their must listen album Halcyon Digest, seriously check it out. “He Would Have Laughed” closes out the album and was written about Jay Reatardt who died at a 29. The song has a dreamy, circular riff, and ebb and flow structure slowing building, and climbing. The absolute best part of the song is the ending, which pulls you out of the dream world and back to the silence of reality.

Video: tune-yards in Barcelona

28 Jun

Merrill Garbus, giving the bizness

Here’s a cool video from Pitchfork TV of Merrill Garbus, the tune-yards front lady, playing “Wolly Wolly Gong” in front of a crazy looking church in Barcelona. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of football revelers, celebrating Barca’s Champions League victory and Merrill playing her lullaby dwarfed by the church. As she describes it “..like singing a lullaby at the end of the world.”

Check it out here.

Surfer Blood Cover Polaris

28 Jun

A Surfer Blood keyboard player hazing ritual.

The Florida band Surfer Blood have just released a cover of “Hey Sandy” by Polaris. The song is short, sweet and free! Check it out for download here.

New Album Release – “Unknown Mortal Orchestra”

21 Jun

Unknown Mortal Orchestra...in all their glory.

Earlier this month I posted the song “Thought Ballune” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This was one of a handful of songs released on their EP. It’s a good sample but I want the whole meal. Today we can rejoice because today UMO release their eponymous debut. These guys have a psychedelic, funk swirled sound that manages to sparkle even in the confines of it’s lo-fi recording. Definitely in the spirit of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Check out “Thought Ballune”  Then when you’re ready for more buy it on iTunes

Song Of The Day – “Bad Street” Twin Sister

10 Jun

Twin Sister and Andrea, high stepping them all.

I was soooo excited to see that my favorite Long Islanders,  Twin Sister released out a new song from their first full length album In Heaven. I first saw Twin Sister when they opened and stole the show from the Morning Borers. They have two EPs out already that are fantastic but too short!! This is an album oriented band, and I know they can do some great things on an LP. The new song “Bad Street” has the immediate Twin Sister charm, with it’s funky bass and relentless groove. Andrea Estella sort of sounds like Erykah Badu. Awesome. Enough talk just listen, and mark September 27 on your calendar!!

If you love the song  click here to download it for free.

Want more Twin Sis? of course you do. Check out their two EPs Color Your Life and Vampires and Dreaming Kids again for free on their site.

Song Of The Day – “Helplessnes Blues” Fleet Foxes

9 Jun

"...seriously guys go back to England."

Recently, I’ve been seeing the band Mumford and Son’s name popping up music blogs and on magazines, but I had never knowingly listened to one of their songs. I tried one out today, got half way through and just turned it off. I’m sorry U.K. but in this recession we don’t need to import any of your shitty bands. We already have the Fleet Foxes thank you very much. U-S-A!, U-S-A! Today’s song is off their second album of the same name. This song show cases some of the finest elements of this young group, their wonderful vocal harmonies and incredibly detailed song arrangement.