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Song Of The Day – “Cheek To Cheek” Lowell George

24 Jun

Lowell George thinking about his Rosarita...


I just love summer, and how certain songs that have been lying dormant in my brain all year decide to jump out and remind me of their presence. Last summer I discovered Little Feat, and soon after, Lowell George‘s solo album “Thanks I’ll Eat It Here” (sounds familiar…). It’s not east picking just one song off the album because it’s an eclectic group of tunes. There’s a definite bluesy/R&B feel throughout but there’ also some vaudeville, mariachi, and reggae.

“Cheek To Cheek”is the mariachi song, and also one of the sweetest songs on the album. It’s a love song written by George to a Mexican woman who is stranded south of the border. I also thought this song was fitting especially in the midst of our immigration reform.