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Song Of The Day – “Tyson In His Prime” Mobolaji

23 Jun

Bay Area rapper/producer Mobolaji

Today’s song comes from Mobolaji, a Colorado based Bay Area born rapper/producer. The tune has an old school, East Coast flavor too it and makes a great companion for your summertime BBQ. “Tyson In His Prime” was recently made a favorite tweet by The Mike Tyson, showing that the young artist is turning ears. Sit back and feel the grooves. The track is off his debut mixtape High Learning and is available as a free download or stream.


You Know How I Know You’ve Been Raised In Boulder?

17 Jun

..because you actually pay attention to recycling...

So I was on the New York Times website last night and noticed an ad that really made me laugh. It’s paid for by the NYC department of sanitation, and it’s for a noble cause, recycling. So what’s wrong with this ad? The fact that they’re going to  mail a piece of paper to residents in NYC with tips on how to “waste less”. most of these ads will end up in a landfill or provide bedding for a rat family of four.