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Song Of The Day – “Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne

19 Jul

I love road trips. Mostly likely because I’m an American, I suppose, and the road trip has been romanticized in countless movies. Mostly I enjoy being able to enjoy a steady stream of music while the scenery changes. “Running On Empty”  by Jackson Browne is the ultimate road trip song. With its chugging verse and absolutely soaring chorus it’s just begging to be blasted from the stereo as the car hurdles down the highway. Also note the stunning slide guitar work, that elevates this track to FM staple status.


Song Of The Day – “Wild Flowers” by Tom Petty

14 Jul


What can you say about Tom Petty that hasn’t already been said possibly millions of times before. I remember my friend was asked once if he was on a desert island and could only listen to one musical artist who would it be. His answer was Tom Petty, at first I started to object, but soon realized I couldn’t. Full Moon Fever is one of my all-time favorite albums and will never ever get old. I always smile at the “Hello CD Listeners” skit..  “Wildflowers” is a newer Tom Petty song but it feels like a 20-year FM staple, I guess this is Tom Petty’s magic.