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Song Of The Day – “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John

16 Jul

Saturdays, in my opinion should be relaxing, filled with sun and being outdoors for a concert. I think Elton John also shares my belief otherwise he wouldn’t have written such a great song about an equally great city. Philadelphia. If you have the means, I highly recommend a visit and then a stop at Jim’s Steaks on South Street for a cheese steak. Don’t let this photo fool you the, the workers a no nonsense, hurry up and place your damn order attitude that I personally find refreshing. Honestly people, ordering a cheesesteak isn’t that difficult if you are paying attention. So put the iPhone down for 15 seconds and focus.


Song of the Day – “Jesus Fever” Kurt Vile

6 Jun

Philadelphia is a great city, home to the phillies, cheesesteaks, Ben Franklin, and now Kurt Vile. “Jesus Fever” is off his newest album Smoke Ring For My Halo (stop and visualize that for a moment….sweeeet). This tune makes me want to hop in a car and just start driving, to Philly to Albuquerque, wherever. Vile’s rolling finger picked chords, and the steady beat drive (I’m so, so sorry for that pun) the song forward and along down the highway. The video also has a theme of moving, as Kurt is shown strolling around Philly? with his axe. Looking for another song to add to the road trip playlist? This is surely the one.