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Saturday Song – “Night Train to Cairo” by Mashina

6 Aug


After a week away, due to moving into a new place. It’s back. Song of the Day. But this time on a Saturday I wanted to share a great song from an Israeli band. I just came from a bar mitzvah and kept seeing this band dropping down in front and rocking this song. I can do a translation later but the title is “Night Train to Cairo” and it’s about that. Happy Saturday.


Need New Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dance Moves? Watch and Learn

14 Dec

Double Dream Hands. Oh yeah. This is the best youtube video I’ve seen all year. I think this man was either the inspiration for the Napoleon Dynamite “Happy Hands Club” or was so inspired by that movie he dedicated his life to the craft. Either way it brings joy to my heart and a laugh to my lips.

Double Dream Hands: The logical evolution of Happy Hands.