Song Of The Day – “Tamp ‘Em Up Solid” by Ry Cooder

27 Jul


Ry Cooder should be named a living national treasure. Aside from being a master multi-instrumentalist on guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, accordian, the man is an expert historian on American music. At ease in any style from the blues, gospel, jazz, folk,hawaiian slack-key he can do it all. “Tamp ‘Em Up Solid”,  a traditional off his classic album Paradise and Lunch, shows  combines elements of  gospel, country, and jaw dropping finger picking into a foot stomping good time. For this live performance Cooder does a stripped down version, with just himself, guitar and his backing singer allowing his  finger picking to have all the spotlight.

They don't make album covers like this anymore.


Song Of The Day – “Because Of You” by Ne-Yo

26 Jul

We’ve all been there. The person we can’t get enough of, and no matter what is going on during the day, there’s that person. Incredible how the mind can torment itself right? Apparently neo-soul singer Ne-Yo is quite familiar with this as he laments about his sexual addiction situation , possibly to his therapist. In the video we can see how terribly distraught Ne-Yo is as he rolls around the bed with a two different models and dances in circles, (literally @ 1:11) in a night club. This song grooves really hard and always gets the toes tapping on my feet. Enjoy.

Song Of The Day – “Teach Your Children Well” by Crosby, Stills and Nash

25 Jul

What strikes me most about this tune is how timeless its message is. There will always be friction between parents their children as they grow older. What makes sense to one generation is appalling to the next, and so on and so forth through time. My favorite line of the song is “Just look at them and sigh/ and know they love you” sage advice for all parents of the present and future. I’m quite familiar with this sigh. I think it comes naturally with Jewish parents.

Song Of The Day – “Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffit

22 Jul

What can you really say about Ariel Pink other than the dude is pretty strange. I’m almost convinced that his on stage meltdowns are just part of his schtick at this point. Either way the guy makes some intriguing music that is full of unexpected twists and turns. He sort of reminds me of a cross between Kurt Cobain and Frank Zappa. However that works.. The video (with the really bizarre/creepy intro by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips) helps to maintain Pink’s image of an artist pretty much on the brink of insanity.

Song Of The Day – “Message” by King’s X

21 Jul

King’s X was one of those bands that I had heard about for years before I finally listened to their music. I remember my high school guitar club teacher (also the math teacher) told me I would like them when he first met me. When I did listen to them one summer in NYC back from college, he was right. They have a unique style that’s a part heavy metal/prog-rock/ with some slick Beatlesque song writing and despite being a trio they have a massive sound. “Message” is off their classic sophomore album Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, definitely worth your time.

King's X..still rockin' away.

Song Of The Day – “Bonita Applebum” A Tribe Called Quest

20 Jul

My first memory of A Tribe Called Quest is seeing the cover for jlk;aj;j at the local CD store. I thought it was totally cool with all the bright colors and vaguely human shapes. It left an impression on me. “Bonita Applebum” has an undeniable jazz cool running throughout as electric pianos gentle shimmer over a funky beat. In a bid to win over Bonita, Q-Tip spits some of his finest verses with his typical charm, stringing together compliments with ease. It doesn’t get much smoother than this.

Happy Birthday Brian May!!

19 Jul

Today is Brian May‘s (guitarist for Queen, in case you didn’t know) birthday. What better way to celebrate with him than watching him play “God Save The Queen” atop Buckingham Palace. Happy Birthday Mr. May hope it’s a good one.